Solo Flow - Muni

Did some filming and editing. Getting bored of riding the same trails alone over and over, so filming was a bit of a change.

That does have a nice flowing feel, thanks for posting it!

Very nice video. Thanks for sharing.

finnspin, that was great! As someone who just started dabbling with filming/editing my rides, my hat is off to you sir! Those were some great special effects and your riding is beyond my skill level:). Can I ask what editing software you used?

Thanks everyone! Saintbroken: I use Davinci Resolve, which has a free version that is more than capable enough for hobbyist, it’s better than a lot of programs you have to pay money for. Also, lot’s of online tutorials available for it.

Glad people are enjoying, as the masking one has to do to do the cloning effects is very labour intensive…

Hey Finnspin, you mentioned all the tutorials for Davinci Resolve out there. I’m brand new to that software (and video editing in general) and have been trying to find some videos that help explain the masking/cloning effects you employed. Perhaps I don’t know the proper terminology to use. I’ve been exploring and have come across things like masking, tracking, rotoscoping. Is there something in particular I should focus on, or is it a combination of all these techniques? Thanks in advance for your help!

Some of them were pretty much doing this: , but I had to use keyframes to move the mask around. A really big soft area on the outside helps to hide it, but if you look closely, you will be able to see the mask moving at 0:48. I didn’t use the tracking (which is very good when it works), since the background and subject were too complex.

I did very tedious rotoscoping around myself in the clips at 0:42 and 1:00, (easily 6 hours on a clip) since the shadows in the background had moved, and I went in front of myself. Pretty much frame by frame moving and adjusting a mask at the outline around my body and unicycle. I’ve since found out this: , which describes a workflow that would save some time to achieve the same results. (I’ll try that next time).

So I guess it’s a combination of everything, I’d say do what I did and start out with trying the easiest way (just masking, and using footage where you don’t have the subjects crossing a horizontal/ vertical line), and if you have energy left (or your footage requires it), you can go into rotoscoping.

Thanks! That’s super helpful:D

How did you get the link to show the video thumbnail?

There is an “insert video” button when you post a comment now. :slight_smile: