Solid Tires?

Can you use solid tires that won’t go flat for a unicycle? Will it hamper your control or your jumping ability?

It depends on what wheel size you have.

Solid tires are hard to find for all rim sizes.

That being said, they are very sluggish and heavy. It would help for flats, but I dont think its worth using a large mass tired that turns your riding and control into a sluggish motion.

Also, because they are solid, I dont think they bounce all to well, probably dampen the compression and just leave you sitting there like a piece of lead.

What if you used the gel you put in tires to keep flats from happening?

That works. I use that. I also use a pinch/thorn resistant tube.

The tube is a little heavier and thicker than most tubes, but it works very well, and hasnt popped or anything form all the riding I have done with that tube.

what gel?
do you mean that green slime crap,

This is what I’m Talking about

hmmm…thats pretty sweet

my dad and I use stan’s for our tubless tire on our mtb’s. it works really well but it’s tricky to put in. one of my friends practically painted his wall with it trying to get it in because it spray everywhere.