SOLD - Schlumpf #339 + 127/150 KH Cranks

Schlumpf Hub + KH cranks

Hub is in great condition and will include a modified pair of pliers that I’ve been using to remove the shift buttons. Cranks were recently installed and the hub is in working order.

Asking $1000 CAD including shipping in North America. Can ship to EU and other locations for additional fee.

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I am interested in the Schlumpf hub if it is still available.

It is, if you want to DM me your address, name, phone, and email, I can start checking shipping options.

Did you have any questions about the hub?

I looked up the price in US dollars and that is too much for the budget I have. I was looking to build a faster unicycle for around $400. 400 is for the entire unicycle. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Shaun B, sorry but you are delusional to not accept this as the best deal you will see on a Schlumpf hub of this caliber. And a $400 dollar budget for an entire “faster unicycle” should have been posted in the comedy post section.
Seriously, LobbyBopster


Well, there is still the Hunirex…

As I said, post in the comedy section.


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