(SOLD) Nimbus X 20" Longneck

Old but gold, indestructible freestyle Uni, longneck 300mm, Cr-Mo.

Suzue cotterless Hub, 48 holes, Gusset Rim and Tire, Venture 89mm Cranks.

Very little use and only inside Gym, so like new.

Request is 170 euro.

Ask for a shipping quote, Paypal F/F.


Hello do you know the weight of this?Are you agree do send it I’m in france?Perhaps by Mondial Relay?Thank you

Hello and thanks for your message.

Weight is around 4.7 Kg.

Shipping to France for a parcel 50x50x20cm x 6Kg will cost 31 euro

If you can manage a cheaper courier that can pick-up ther parcel from here, that is fine with me.

OK it’s good for me at this price and can I pay with paypal I think it’s easier too. Tell me how to manage thank you

You have a message! :slight_smile:

This one is sold!

I updated the title to reflect the (SOLD) status.


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