((SOLD)) Nimbus 29’er

((SOLD)) 3rd and Last of the wheel purge. Parting with my doubles that rarely get ridden to free up some space

Nimbus 29” road with near new (ridden 50’ish miles) Surly extraterrestrial 2.5” tire. Excellent tire for on and off road!

Steel frame, machined bearing housings, ISIS hub, aluminum seatpost, 127mm aluminum cranks, double walled dominator 2 rim…

makes for a great sidewalk cruiser or Muni

Shows normal scuffs and wear from riding and transporting but otherwise excellent condition. Comes as pictured with no saddle so you will need to provide your own

$275 plus shipping in the lower 48

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I would like to purchase this uni. I will PM you with details later today.


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Sounds good :ok_hand:t3:

PM sent (at least I think I sent it)

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You did! I just responded :+1:t3:

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