Sold - KH36 Sydney Australia Excellent used condition


KH36er for sale in Sydney!
Make me an offer if you are interested. Hardly used. Brilliant unicycle, you won’t regret it. Reason for selling, with my not super long legs, it turns out a Nimbus Nightfox is much more freemount and rider friendly for me!! :slight_smile:

Kris Holm 36" Unicycle Blue (KH36),

Price: AUD $950 Negotiable and i’ll throw in a near new 24" Chrome trainer too if you pick up locally. (For context, current local price new for a KH36 is AUD $1365).

A rare blue specimen!

And in really good nick too!! :slight_smile:

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Asking AUD $850 :slight_smile:

Hi Linda,
Thanks for the KH36, I managed to cut the seat post down and take it down to the local playing field (grass).
I never imagined I would ever get a 36” unicycle, they just look so big and unmanageable.
Free mounting felt almost same as for KH29. Static mount I think it’s called. Everything obviously higher higher off the ground, but I was surprised it wasn’t as scary as I feared.
Even managed to idle and backward riding 3 revolutions and recovered to go forward.
I can’t wait to try hill climbing with it.
Cheers Norm

Thanks Norm! From seeing you easily freemounting your KH29 outside my home on grass, it was quite evident you are an amazing rider, it’s your natural balance that’s brilliant.

I am so glad you are the KH36’s new owner as I know you will be great with it!

Thanks Linda,
I just get a lot of grass field riding while walking my dog, Jessie.
It’s also how I have been avoiding crowded pathways during COVID times.
Thanks again

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