((SOLD))Free wheel hub and cranks

This hub was built into a 27.5 inch wheel set to learn free Wheel unicycling. I learned the basics and decided I would rather have this in a 24 inch wheel but that has not happened yet and I plan to get the QU-AX free hub when it becomes available and I don’t need two so this one is looking for a new home.

Included is a set of 125 mm QU-AX Cranks. Forgot to remove screws for disc brake those are not included

$85 plus actual shipping


You should add your location - at least country- so it’s easier to see if it’s worth. :slight_smile:

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Good call

Sorry, couldn’t help it…


Lol :joy: I typically speak to post into my phone and click post or reply without double checking

At least i will get more clicks on this ad hehe


Oooh, it’s so pretty.

I have two in black, I’m in the UK, and I’m also planning to buy unicycle specific freewheel hubs in the future, but those purple hubs are lovely.

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I am interested i saw thi on Facebook and the add said it was in NC USA. I am hoping you can tell me if i can ise it on my Nimbus Oracle 24? And if so i would like to purchase…thanks Happy New Year

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Hi Jessica, welcome to the forums! This hub is compatible with your oracle frame using the bearing shims which i will include

Can you reach out to me on my cell? I would like to arrange payment 570-352-2932


Hi Jessica, another member
has committed to purchase via PM. If it falls through I will give you a call. Otherwise i will mark this ad as sold


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