Socket head cap nuts... What are they used for? [SOLVED!]

When purchasing a seat post from Mad4One, what is the function of the socket head cap nuts that are included? Here is a link to the seat post if that is needed.

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Looks like it’s for saddles that have bolts sticking out; the usual nuts wouldn’t fit into the slots in the seatpost, so you need something skinnier to replace them.


Gotcha. Thanks. Yeah from the pics on the M4O site that makes sense.

So, I can safely ignore them when pairing with the M4O saddle I suppose. Much thanks!

A little closeup if you are curious

Also of the funny oval washers

I believe you get both nuts and washers with seatpost and m4o handle saddle (That’s why I have a few spares)

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Awesome. Thank you. So, in your picture you aren’t using the socket head cap nuts, right? Your seat looks like my original M4O seat that they assembled, and now it looks like the one I’m putting together as well. Just the regular hardware is used.

My picture is of a m4o XXL seatpost and a m4o handle saddle using the hardware delivered with them.
I’m not using the flat head cap nuts that is used with other regular saddles. They will not fit

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Hmm a standard nut taken from a KH free ride seems to fit without issues. The washer (not in picture) does not fit. It has to be oval

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Yep, I follow. I installed the XXL seatpost on the saddle and all is good :heart_eyes:

Thanks so muchhhh!

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Mad4One nuts
beta version

final version

recently experimented with trimming these long nuts with a socket wrench. The fact is that they come too long, and stick out from under the saddle. After trimming the nuts, and trimming the saddle bolts themselves, I got this result - the nuts do not stick out. Showed the photo to Marco - he approved. He wrote that the reason for the high length of these nuts is that he simply cannot buy short ones anywhere, apparently they are not made.

this is how the original nuts look - photo from the manufacturer’s website: