sock saddle page with air

The Viscount Sock Saddle page now has instructions for an air seat

Have a look at

It is the best thing that you can ever do to a viscount saddle.

Wayne van Wijk

O–( >–|-o

OUCH! Just fell off my unicycle.

Re: sock saddle page with air

Looks good Wayne. There’s a second sock in the picture at the top, is that for putting the inner tube in before sticking it in the outer cover? The way I read the age there was no mention of the second sock.

This looks like the perfect use for the lone blue ski sock I’ve held on to for the last 8 years in the hope that its partner would magically appear from the sock eating washing machine where all socks eventually disappear to (kind of the socky equivalent of an elephants’ graveyard)

Have fun!


Very cool Wayne
Thanks for the info and pics!