SO VERY EXCITING! aka My 20" recommendations thread

I’ve been wanting to get a 20" for ETERNITY. So I be hopefully ordering on soon.

Here’ the deal: Shipping from the US will probably set me back by around USD$80 (I’m from Singapore). Does anyone know about how much postage would cost from elsewhere around the world?

My budget’s around US$380 including shipping. I’m looking for a solid trials 20" that requires minimal tweaking from stock. I’ve heard quite a bit about the Torker DX which costs like $259. I believe that the best prices online are still from right? The local shop had a Qu-Ax 20" muni (with brakes and all) going for around USD$350.

Any suggestions are welcome.

I still have this
PM me if you’re interested. I’d be willing to ship and am negotiable.

I’ve dropped you a message.

Anyone cares to recommend something? I’m like 50kg and am roughly 170cm, looking to do hopefully 5" drops max in the future because i’ve a morbid fear of heights… for now. I think I’m light enough for slightly worse-off unis to withstand drops but I might be wrong…

Oh, and I’ve been looking at the Koxx-One Devil and reading some forum posts on it too. The cranks look good. Reckon I should get the K1 crank and hub set instead of the Onza ones which bite ankles were I to customize?

well i hoope youll drop more than 5 inces :wink: but i would recomend pdcs uni cuz its amazingly strong and dependable(and cheap)