So I Started A Club

Hey guys Anna Jinks and I started a unicycle club at my school a couple weeks ago and It’s going strong.

We meet every other thursday after school and ride every sunday.

We have a normal attendance of about fifteen people, and we have new people learning every meeting.

Also, I entered the club into our town’s Christmas parade on Dec. 9. Hopefully this will further spread unicycling in my town.

So has anybody else here started a club at their school? How is it going?

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Lucky. My school won’t even allow a juggling club. Because unicycling’s involved, there’s a health risk. Health risk = law suit.

Yet there’s gymnastics and paintball at our school.:frowning:

me and my friend started one about a year ago and we have about 50 or so members but they only know how to ride they don’t get to into it.

We meet every friday! Its really fun!! Al 4 of my closest friends always uni everyday so yeah!

Wow that make no since. I think both of those sports are more dangerous than unicycling.

thats awesome man. fifty people is a lot. Hopefully this club will turn into something like that.

I’ve got 4 beginers Unicycles, and 4 willing people ready to learn and I emailed the head of p.e (sport) on thursday… so fingers crossed :smiley:

We had the parade last night and it went awesome.

there was about ten riders and tons of little kids were like “Thats so cool!”

hopefully they get their parents to go out and buy them some unis.

I started a Club at my Daughter’s school a few weeks ago, and it is going really well. We are using it for beginners mainly, or if someone wants to improve.

The rate of improvement is amazing. It is really good to be able to help someone learn to Unicycle, and know that without your help they would maybe just give up.