so i snapped a seat post

As the title of the thread states, i have indeed snapped my seatpost. I snapped it when i was jumping an 8 stair, when i landed my right foot slipped off the pedal causing the uni to fal to the left, when i began to jump off somehow the seat caught my pants and i fell on the seat somehow(im not sure how exactly) and i bent the seatpost right where it attaches to the seat, so i bent it back as gently as possible(when i did that i belive i strested the metal and weakened it. So a couple days later i was doing about a 2 foot drop and when i pulled up on the handle to begin my jump off the drop i pulled the metal right apart…i will try to put up some pictures later so it makes more sense. Now i need a new seat post…i dont want this to happen again so what i want to ask is if there is any sort of stronger seat post adn where i oculd possibly get one. Thanks for your help


Do you have a velo seat?

I ask because the velo seat is much ‘taller’ than other seats, so a signifigant amount of seat post is less visible, ‘making it stronger’ as less is out to bend.

Do you have a thin 22.0 mm seatpost? They make BMX versions that are very strong, but they need a railadapter attachment, making even less of the seatpost visible.

As you have dicovered: a bent back seat post to straight is an accident waiting to happen

At least it didn’t snap off when you were doing a big set. That would suck even more, although it would probably have a really cool story. Sucks about the post.


I’ve bent and broken plenty of seatposts. Without going to a bike seatpost and rail adapter there are several things you can do. You can repair your post with a stronger tube. Bike shops sell BMX replacement seatposts which are straight 22.2mm diameter tubes. These are sometimes called ‘candlewicks’ and are inexpensive. Take your broken seat post and candlewick to a friendly engineer and ask him to cut off the old post (or its remains) and weld on the candlewick instead. You may also want to consider reinforcing the post with a brace as in the photos on this page.