Last Sunday, on what must have been the hottest day of the year, eight idiots set off from the car park at the bottom of Snowdon. Six unicyclists, one mountain biker and a pedestrian.
After an exhausting three hour climb we reached the summit. I was all for calling the air ambulance to come and pick us up, but the guys talked me into riding back down. Well, part riding, part walking. It was very steep in parts y’know.
Many thanks to Peter Stewart, Kit Johnson, Neil Younger, David Ward, Mark McNamee, Craig Wrigglesworth and Stephen Clarke for making it such a fun day.
I am just about getting some use back out of my legs three days on.

Here are the boys setting out from the car park…


Steve, Neil, Kit and Pete slog upwards…


More bleedin’ hard work…


Kit taking in the view…


Next year, can we take the train up?

:smiley: Maybe someday you should come to Oz so me, you, Owen, Tom and the rest go for a unicycle ride. :smiley: :smiley:

We’d have to start saving our pennies now then.

I wish I’d come with you now.

Cathy I think you would have enjoyed it. We took Stephen (Steve) with us and he had has only been riding for 7 weeks (taught him myself at work).

I’d also like to thank the guys for such an enjoyable day as well. The weather was glorious (unlike last year) and it was great seeing Steve tackle Snowdon as well as riding with Blue again (who had a 4 hour drive each way).

As always watching Kit leap down the mountainside like a man possessed was breathtaking, so much infact that the walker in our group (David) has started again to learn to ride.

David went slightly mad with my camera and took over 1300 photos!! which i’ve narrowed down to 700 odd :slight_smile:

I’ll try and pick the best of the best and post a link soon. I might add a few here in this thread as well.


Tried it a couple of years ago, they’re incredibly unhelpfull and depsite me checking several times by phone they refused us on the day, even though there was no-one else on the train. Also the train is shut atm while they re-do the cafe at the top, finishing sometime next year.

How come I didn’t know about this?

Looks like the weather was well nice! It was pretty miserable when we did it, although it did brighten up in the afternoon!

We went up the miners track, which was a lot quicker than walking up llanberis, although some bits are really steep!

Looks like you lot had a great ride! Cant wait for pictures!

Rock on!

It was taking people last weekend. Not all the way to the top mind.


Ah I obviously misunderstood the sign I saw at the summit. Getting the train to Clogwyn cottage would save you most of the climb. I still prefer the miner’s track.

I still can’t walk!! and i’m in a lot of pain!! but it was a amazing ride, so i can’t complain. shame to hear Edd wasn’t told as it would of made the ride even better if him Leo could of made it… :wink:


Yeah, sorry Edd. I kind of assumed everybody had heard of it via word of mouth at BUC. That’s when it was mentioned to me.
To make you feel better, here is a picture of the blister on my toe after the ride.
Not for the squeemish.




It were reet good weren’t it. I can’t get over how stunning the weather was… Poles apart from last year. I turned up with thermals and waterproof top and trousers this year with vivid memories of frozen camelbaks and brake hoses from last year… My bikini would have been more suitable! No one got too badly hurt and a good time was had by all I reckon. A cracker of a day it were.

I’m still a bit stiff legged though nowhere near as bad as last time. I can actually withstand digs to the thigh from my brother without writhing in agony. last year he had three days of amusement prodding my legs at every given opportunity… Brotherly love eh.

Neil, shh, you’re making me blush. The caps should be doffed to Sean and Steve if anyone. I didn’t attempt anything near as difficult as Snowdon when I was at a similar stage of learning. They did reet good!

I thought I’d told one of The Brothers Hawkes about it before hand, but then, my memory is notoriously pants.

Anyhoo, cheers chaps for the great company and to Norry (and my lovely Mum) for the transport. Thanks also to Dave for all the photography (though no to the trai load of Japanese tourists snapping away at me in an undignified heap after a particularly good crash).

Soooo would have liked to been on this, snowdon is like my fave mountain to ride down (not that i’v been down any others lol) all i did that weekend was a wasoks waste of time (el zilcho),u must have been well hot cos i got warm last time when it was snowy!
yeah someone post about it or sumin next time this ride goes down, sounds like u guys had fun :slight_smile:
more pics?


700 photos down to about 150.

Photos here

Oh my god, Leo, your turning into one of those people that posts utter bollocks that no-one can understand!


Rock on!

Thanks for all the great photos!

I like this one of Kit coming up to some fun rocks and a bridge
and the one of the train.
We dont get stuff like that here, which makes it interesting to see.

Man, it’s true what they say about the camera adding ten pounds.