Woohoo it snowed more overnight, this is the most exciting thing that has happened in Rutland in ages, a godsend really considering there is nothing to do while I’m here visiting my parents. Anyway I used it as a flimsy pretext to go unicycling down the sledging hill we used to go to as kids. It was much more interesting than normal unicycling, lots of falling down due to unexpected dog attacks, kids running in the way etc. Sadly my brother was quicker than me on his sledge, till he cracked it in half then I had the upper hand and beat him in most races where I didn’t fall. Has anyone else in the UK had any snow? It’d be good to see some pics since it hardly happens anymore (damn you global warming)
It’s a bit lame, but here’s my new gallery anyway…
Enjoy the snow!

Rutland - smallest county, home of Ruddles beer, and birthplace of my mother!

I went out on the MUni yesterday in Sherwood Forest in about 2 inches of snow. A couple of times it was snowing quite heavily. The wheel moves silently, and you can’t read the ground as well as all the bumps are whited out. However, I was disappointed - didn’t really get the amazing snow-uni experience I’d expected. Maybe a big open field with a steep slope would have been more fun.

There has been a bit more snow today, here in North Yorkshire :wink: i couldnt resist coasting and doing silly things. haha I also tried my dads homemade snowboard from like 8 years ago! its a death trap lol


wow! That’s fantastic, wish I could do that…

I wish I had a jacket like that…

Fantastic photo. So, have Yorkshire Police been issued with patrol unicycles, or are Yorkshire Police seeking a missing traffic jacket?:smiley:

These jackets only cost 10 pound from any safety shop, there great and it makes sure ur seen :wink:


we had almost a foot of snow but then it got to about 50 degrees! and now its almost all gone! i hate this:(

how one might describe a unicycle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Snow!

“matt_t” wrote in message …
>Has anyone else in the UK had any snow?

Well, there’s been a fair bit in Nottingham, but we all went down to
Cannock the day after Boxing Day for some snowy unicycling; (17mb)


I live in Wisconsin, I liked the snow at first, but now it’s covering all of my favorite spots. I just want it to go away.

I’m agreeing with you here. It also froze a bit before it started snowing, so the snow is covering ice too. I’ve already taken a nasty fall off a wall that had ice on it. I hope it starts to thaw soon…

There is more snow coming tonight :slight_smile:

heres another picture messing in the snow while wearing a flat cap on bacxkwards, oh yes