Snow Uni

Just two guys and we’re having a good time…in the snow. Other rider is gohabsgo333 (black helmet). Constructive criticism is welcome, I’m new to editing.

Watch in HD!


Nice! It make me want to do that and why wait for spring? :sunglasses:

Go for it! It’s definitely a fun way to spend your time in the winter.

heres vimeo:

Haha that was great! Looks like you guys had a blast. Def not your typical Uni video

Very nice video :smiley: I liked !

coolest (ahaha) uni video in a long time! so different. awesome song.

Awesome guys a very cool video it fitted in well with the music :smiley: Frontflips and backflips were very cool.

Thanks guys! Your right Dane, It’s certainly not your normal Uni vid, we were just out to have some fun.

Well I had fun with you, now I’m wishin I had some snow banks to go jump into!