Snow Riding

I took my first ride in the snow this weekend at my downhill ski club and it was absolutely awesome!!! I had no idea that I could have so much traction in the snow and be able to ride.

I am using a Bedford Muni, with Alex rim, wide frame to accomodate the 3" Gazz and 5 inch cranks.

What a blast! I can downhill ski till the lifts close and then jump on my muni for some more fun! Winter will never be the same!

The temps at Gerogian BAy in Ontario were in the -25 C (-6 F) range and I was able to ride the muni dressed for downhill skiiing. A change of ski boots to decent winter shoes was all that was needed and away I went. The looks from the skiiers was classic! The were awestruck and I loved it! Skiing after all is a balance sport too!

The 3"Gazz makes a great snow tire and gripped well in 6 inches of powder, in hardpacked snow and on icy surfaces as well!

Don’t let the snow stop you from riding. Just change your tire and dress for the cold.

For you skiiers, the uni is ideal cross training for downhill skiing! On opening day I skiied for 7 hours straight and the 2nd day I was skiing in 6 inches of powder! And all without any muscle burn!


sweet… yet another reason for a muni

i ride to school in the dead of winter… but there are no hills nor enough snow or ice to mess up traction for a standard

so i guess that doesn’t count does it?

I’m planning on entering the local ski area’s “Frozen spoke Challenge”, a yearly winter downhill race on the ski hill. This is gonna be AWESOME, though I don’t exactly own a MUni…

The 20" trials will make do :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they let you ride the lift with your Muni, or did you have to walk up?

There was some good talk last winter on this subject, do a search. In general here in Colorado, some ski areas let unicyclist up the lifts and some don’t. Here’s a pic of my son and I rippin down a intermediate trail in Aspen. Cheers!

mike and logan t rippin highlands wuni 1.jpg

What do you tell/ ask them, Was that mountain open to skiers also at the time you rode it, was that trail open to skiers also?

The mountain was open, we try to MUni first thing in the morning before the crowds hit. I would not wan to ride when it is busy. Go directly to the Mountain Manager/ or Ski Patrol Director and let them know what you would like to do.