Snow riding

Its snowing in nyc… Got about a foot…

Putting my duro back on my 26 muni right now…

Any tips or advice i should know? My first time on snow:)

Don’t expect miracles. Those that boast about floating through deep powder with ease are either very good at what they do and have very good equipment, or are lying.

If you go into it with an open mind, and just have fun with it, it’s a blast.

I tried to ride today but there was a crust on the top of the snow making it almost impossible to do.

It totally depends on the snow and temperature and can often be awesome in the morning and then unrideable in the afternoon (as it melts in the sun and gets slushy) or vice versa.

In general you have 3 types:

  1. fresh show which is very rideable up to a certain depth, so 6-10" after which it becomes difficult. Sometimes it’s easier to follow a beaten-down track, but then you have to stay exactly in the small track. Typically where individual footprints are deep it is bad as the wheel sticks in the holes
  2. old snow: the worst is what you described where it is hard on top and soft under, so you stay on top for a few feet and then suddenly break through -> bad. If the crust is hard enough or maybe more like corn snow then it can be ok.
  3. ice or firm snow: this is usually great unless you loose traction.

It is almost always totally exhausting but can be a lot of fun!! Last Wednesday I had a great ride in around 6-10" of hard-packed snow. It was awesome and I rode almost all the downhills, but I was totally beat at the end: wiped-out, destroyed but in a good way of course. Unfortunately it’s warming here again and will be slushy.