Snafu Pedals (sealed vs. unsealed)

I am currently on my fourth or fifth set of pedals and i have decided that some snafu pedals might be in order. When i went to UNICON, most of the snafu pedals i saw were the unsealed version.Is the reason for the the price? (unsealed cheper) or do people find the unsealed pedals work just as well (if not better) than the sealed version. Thanks for your time. any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated,

ps. the snafu pedals are really good aren’t they??


I have both sealed and unsealed Snafus. I bought the sealed version first and I’m really happy with them. I recently picked up a pair of the unsealed version and was a little less impressed with them. I’d have to look again to make sure, but I think fewer of the pins in the unsealed version are replaceable. I’d recommend spending the money for the sealed pedals, if only for the better pins (not to mention the better bearings).

the fewer pins is not just the sealed or unsealed, it’s old vs new versians. currently all production models have half the replacable pins as the old ones, they are the phillips head all the way through pins, instead of the allen half way through pins.

I would guess that most people are choosing the unsealed flavor over the sealed flavor due to price.

I have the sealed Snafu pedals on my trials uni. Sealed bearing pedals are much easier to overhaul and adjust. Unsealed pedals are a PITA to overhaul because of all the loose bearings and it is tricky to get the nut that holds the loose bearings just tight enough to keep the pedal snug without causing the bearings to bind.

The Snafu pedals are good for trials where you are going to be attempting things like pedal grabs. They’re strong and the square body is fairly stable while you’ve got the pedal perched on the object you’re pedal grabbing. The Snafu’s also don’t have pins in the central area of the pedal which also makes them more stable while doing pedal grabs. Pins in the central area of the pedal makes the pedal rock around while you’ve got the pedal perched on the object you’re pedal grabbing.

The Snafus aren’t the best choice for muni, cause there are thinner more grippy pedals that are more appropriate for muni.

The square body of the Snafus is also nice for kickup mounts cause the pedals lay flat while the uni is on the ground.

after checking at danscomp it appears that the sealed pedals still have more pins of the better design, but the unsealed have less replaceable pins of a worse design.

Does anyone know if the ones that sells are the ones with lots of pins or the ones with few pins, lots for sealed or lots for unsealed - or both
has anyone broken any non-sealed or sealed snafus