smoooth pavement treat

I’ve been fairly assiduous at practicing on my l’il 20" Sun. I have a nice 1.2 mile loop, which includes some multi-use bike-ped trail, a nice little 80’ hill, some rollers and a bit of neighborhood street. Some of it is a little bit rough, and none of it is particularly new or smooth.

I really enjoy my loop; part of it goes along a river, part of it through a forest.

But today i tried something different: fresh, virgin pavement. The city just paved a mile or so near my house, so i tried it out. Pure, smooth delight.
It was actually too easy at first – the uni squirted out from under me a couple of times! Wow – it was fast! One could get spoiled riding on virgin blacktop.

I recommend it highly, if only as a treat.

I’m definitely getting better, btw. I’m regularly riding > 1/2 mile between dismounts. My turning suks, but i haven’t really worked on it, either.