smallspin/varial help

i was wondering if anyone has any help they can offer me in foing a 180 hop twist combined with a 180 unispin.(smallspin or varial i think)

I do them one handed from seat in (and can’t do them any other way). Start turning quite a long time before you jump to get the momentum for the body spin, get your feet back on the pedals.

varial: you twist to the same direction as the uni
small spin: you twist to the opposite direction of the uni

varial: do it one handed from seat in to seat out, ride straight , then do a quick turn and just a 180 unispin seat in to seat out… your body will automatically spin, cause of the momentum (like pete66 said :))

small spin: get confident with 360 unispins. ride straight, then do a quick turn to the opposite direction of where you will spin your uni… do a 360 unispin and you have your small spin.

doing a 180/180 varial instead of a 90/180 one and a 180/360 small spin instead of a 90/270 one will come with the time…

i hope i said, what i meant :o)

Hey Jabbath, I always call a 180/360 a bigspin (and not a small spin).

I think of smallspins as being just varials (180/180) from seat out…

I can do varials (seat in to out) just fine, but I don’t even bother with “smallspins” (seat out to out). For some reason it’s just harder.

oh… yup my mistake… that’s what i meant ;90/270 will become a 180/180 with the time :slight_smile: and i made another mistake: i tought an inward spin would be called a small spin… so my small spin advice is actually inward spin advice…


thanks but how r you supposed to do a 180 unispin seat in. sry bout the stupid question but ive only been riding for like 2 months.

land it seat out :slight_smile:

im just having triuble getting the 180 hoptwist. im doing it without moving foward or backward.


I found easier doing a varial with no speed, so if you don’t fly with your rolling 180° it’s not actually a problem. Otherwise, when combining with the unispin i fly away a land miles away from my uni.

To do the unispin from seat in i do it one-handed. I firmly hold the handle and throw the uni in front of me after jumping.
You can watch videos of Tomsey (Alex Toms) he masters a lot of tricks from seat in.


thanks soo much
i just wasnt sure on hand poz so thanks

No, a varial and small spin are the same exact movements but a small spin is from sif and a varial is from si. Add a flip in there and it is a varial flip or 180/180 flip depending on where your seat is.

When you spin the opposite direction of the uni then it is called an inward unispin or inward small spin. Those are pretty awkward. Add a flip in there and you have an inward flip.

Edit: oops you corrected it…I guess I should keep reading before I post stuff :roll_eyes: