Small talk

New video. We hope you enjoy.

Nice video! Its awsome to see how fast you progress.

I loved it :D!

it was awesome, high hops(108cm, awesome), and that pg to like 6ft drop was quite impressive. you are improving fast.

but i don’t think you should have done the entire video in double screen :confused:

Wtf :astonished: on youtube it´s normal i dont know why it´s shown in double screen

Nice video man!
I used the same song btw.:stuck_out_tongue:

it´s a nice song :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video! Impressive hops and drops!

Is it only on my computer that the picture is duplicated and laying between each other totally stretched? :open_mouth: Other than that it was a really nice video, but a bit hard to see how high the jumps actually was because of the stretched picture :frowning:

look it on youtube;)