Small Section on Unicycling in an old 2004 Maxim Magazine

I was reading one of my older Maxim Magazines and ran across a little blurb about unicycling that I did not find very amusing. It was on page 132 in the February 2004 issue. It was a sidebox with an article about Street Racing Motorcycles and this is what it said
“Speed Freaks-Looking for ways to fritter away even more of your worthless life? Try these!
If you wish to be mocked relentlessly by friends and family, then unicycle racing’s for you. Straight shooters can do anything from sprints to 10K marathons, off-road, backward, or while juggling. (”

Pretty lame huh?

Lets bomb them.

Tomorrow at dawn?

i was reading abook by richard hammond about what not to drive. there was a crappy japenese box car and he said " A unicycle is more dignified, and faster "

that was pretty cool when i read it.