Small problem with impact seat

So i finally got my impact saddle today from renegade but I have a problem because the grommets on the bottom that slip over the screw after the seat post are to close to each other so when I put the seatpost (KH 07 or 08) I can’t get the grommets to fit over the bolts. It seems like they’re not far apart enough. It could be a flaw in the seat.?
so far tom at renegade told me that I sold put the bolts on and then tie the grommets together pretty much. I did that and its fine although I was just wondering if any had the same problem or if they could help me to figure this out.

Thanks so much

do you have any pictures cause im getting my saddle very soon and sofar dont know what your talking about

It’s not reAlly a problem.

It’s only a problem when you try fit the cover to a cf seat base.I just finished doing mine and it was a mission.however to cover fits tight and doesn’t move.

it is a problem for me I’ll try to get pictures up later (maybe tomorrow) it’s just the seat is odd to grab and it looks bad. :frowning: