Slightly used black offroading torker unicycle

Hello! I have a slightly used torker unicycle for sale its black and ment for off roading im prettyshur the wheel is 29" and the retail price is $250 i am willing to sell for $180 or $200. thankyou! please contact if intrested:)

You’ll probably have to lower your price, since shipping would put it back up at the price for being new. And I doubt anyone will buy it if you’re “prettyshur the wheel is 29” Take a tape measure and measure from the floor to the top of the tire.

It’s a Nigerian scam, this is the poster’s first post and they can neither spell nor use punctuation :stuck_out_tongue:

But he didn’t say he wanted me to respond with my paypal email address asap now

My favorite Nigerian scammer quote “get the f*** up… all will be your in Jesus name” (It was supposed to be an insult… but I don’t think it translated to english :))