Slight dislocation

I was practicing my SIF hops up three pallets earlier and didn’t quite make it. The uni slipped and I fell, resulting in a strange, warm feeling in my leg. I knew what it was instantly. I dislocated my knee. Scrambling seconds later, I managed to pop it back in. I can walk fine now with the exception of a little pain. But I tried to uni and it hurts slightly more when I try. I was practicing before doing a bit of filming so unfortunately I don’t have any footage of it to review. :frowning:

Give it a week to heal, then it should be fine. (me thinks)

I skipped school on Wednesday due to back pain which started last Sunday.

Today is nearly gone, tomorrow should be healed completely…

I hope your injury heals quick, knee injuries are pretty much the worst kind of injury to have, equal to back injuries I would say.

I just went out on my uni and rode down the street and it seems mostly fine right now. But I think I should give it a few days before I do anything intense.

Definitely take a brake for a couple days.

I rode on Tuesday when it was really nice out, and Wednesday… had to skip school because the pain was 10x as bad.

Sounds like you dislocated your patella/kneecap rather than your knee. You would have to rip all the ligaments apart to actually dislocate your knee, and you wouldn’t be walkin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I have done a similar thing to my knee when I was trying seat wraps.

It felt like my knee just gave out, I was lying on the road and my knee felt like it was on fire. I got up and could barely walk, but I limped back inside. It was really sore for a while, but after about a week it was fine. After that if I moved it the wrong way I would begin to feel that same kind of pain again, but it hasn’t happened for a few months.

That’s not entirely true. It all depends on which bone dislocated. I have dislocated my knee (not the knee cap - fibular head dislocated) three times now and I was perfectly fine once my dad maneuvered it back in.

After I dislocated my elbow I had to have the ER put it back in and my arm was unusable(after 2 weeks I had to do a small number of stretches each day for therapy) and in a sling for a month while it healed.

Your fibula is not part of your knee joint. The knee joint is the articulation between your tibia and femur.

Patella dislocations are painful and can be recurrent, but hardly as serious as a knee dislocation…which would involve disrupting your cruciate and collateral ligaments (ouch).

When I fell, I felt my lower leg go sideways to the outside, something popped out then it went back in. I’ve dislocated my kneecap before maybe six years ago. It didn’t feel quite the same. It might have just been the kneecap but I don’t know. Last time I could barely walk, but this time, even though it felt like more movement in the dislocation, I limped away, but after about twenty minutes I could walk normal but with a little pain.

Now as a bit more time has gone by, It feels somewhat stiffer than earlier but it hasn’t gotten more painful. I’m gonna stay off the uni for a few days and see how it goes. If it doesn’t improve, I’ll see a doctor about it. It’s going to be hard staying off the uni. :frowning:

Just to let anyone who suffers from lots of dislocations know, it could be because of a lack of colagen (or something) in the tissues, resulting in hypermobility of the joints and skin, and numerous other symptoms, otherwise known as either a hypermobility syndrome, Ehler-Danlos Syndrome or other similar things. Check out or google it for more info.

It may be that you’ve just had a random dislocation, or it may be a bit more. The problems are pretty invisible so dont often get a diagnosis, but my sister has EDS type III as well as a couple of other bits, she used to unicycle, but wont be able to again unless she rests up big time and gets her strength back again. Her problems started less than a year ago with a dislocated shoulder that never really recovered, now most of her joints dislocate freely. It sucks, so be careful with yourselves, you only get one body.


Dude, GizmoDuck is a doctor.

(At least according his bio page)

I think he knows what’s what.

Still theres nothing wrong with questioning.

Just came back from the doctor. Apparently my patella is looser than it should be and that I should be doing knee exercises. I also have to go in for an x-ray which I’ll do tomorrow. (God bless the Canadian healthcare system and how free it is [for the most part])
He also said that I should be okay to continue unicycling. :smiley:
So, I’ll find out more tomorrow and whether or not I may need surgury in the future.