Sleepless in the Saddle 2009 (UK 24hr xc)

OK, I’ve posted those pics here

really good work!

well done rob :sunglasses:

i ´m a little jeallous that i was´nt able to join you, the 24h in davos had been such a nice event that i´d like to go for an other one - but there was no time left to visit the isle…
perhaps next year :roll_eyes: with more municyclists…

respect for you!


Thanks. We’ve had teams in that race in the past, so perhaps next year we’ll get a team together again. We usually do Mountain Mayhem in June as well. Jesper came over from Denmark for Mayhem this year - it would be nice to have an international team again next year :slight_smile:


Congrats Rob! a good bunch of pics to remember the event too.

Congrats! That is a fine solo performance! I’d like to give a 24hr solo a shot someday. No good 24 hr venues close by me; several 12 hr venues but no 24hr. Perhaps sometime…

Top Stuff.
Congrats Rob. Sounded like fun.