Pictures of your latest ride

I do believe I may be living the dream old chap.

Sherwood Forest looks beautiful!

Parts of it are very special. When the sun is sending shafts of light through the canopy lighting up the carpet of golden beech leaves, and the trail winds downhill between the trees it’s a special place to be.

(Of course, at other times, it’s a 100 acre mud bath full of chavs.)

thanks and you’re right about the landing, everytime i ride by this drop i try it, sometimes i land it, often i don’t :wink:

today i did also a “behind the house” ride. uphill also by bus (20min) and down 45min (800 vertical meters)…

1st: just posing
2nd: a natural wallride
3rd: as you know, liechtenstein is a principality, at that is the pond of the pricne, sometimes i see him there walking around barefoot…:slight_smile:

Great pics as always turtle, the first is my new background :slight_smile:

My last weekend’s ride was the Sleepless in the Saddle 24hr cross-country race. Thought I’d post a few pictures here. The ones of me riding were taken by my dad, the others are mine. If you want to know more, the thread is here and also has a few links to some other people’s pics of me.


Nice one Rob, it looks like lovely weather in the pictures!

Spence & I checking out some of my local trails. He is hard to photograph - either he is comedy dismounting, or the light is shining out of him so you can’t even tell he is there.

Joe is also hard to photograph - either he is comedy dismounting too, or we’re so densely burried in bracken it is hard to make him out. (And, yes, this was actually part of the ‘route’, not a staged shot with me hiding behind stuff or ducking down!)


2009-08-13 08.14.59.jpg

2009-08-13 08.39.54.jpg

Thanks Joe. It was actually very nice for the whole weekend (if anything too hot for riding). A real shame it had been so wet beforehand and made the ground so soggy. The bits in those pictures where the sun was shining on the the whole weekend were actually drying out quite nicely - the shaded forest stuff and some of the fields stayed boggy.

Your stuff looks good, and it’s looking very likely I’ll be able to make it up there for the weekend :slight_smile:


A quick spin round the cemetery trails (some bits very local to my house). This one starts really steep, with a couple of decent root steps, then a little rocky slab, then a bunch of roots (behind the camera), a nice little rock dropoff, followed by a choice of either a super-fast easy downhill, or a steep, rock strewn hillside that you have to point yourself down and hope.

At the bottom, you can ride up a different trail, which has a nice little rocky climb bit, along a very narrow trail that contours back along a steep hillside that I always seem to fall off the side of, then up a steep track back, making for a really nice 500m technical off road time trial (my record so far: 4 mins 26).


This was during a recent audition I had for a national Kraft commercial. They wanted an Elvis impersonator who could also ride a uni. I let this “Elvis” pose with my 36er.

Most of the actors auditioning brought really old unis, like schwinns and no-name rusties! A couple of “Elvii” didn’t bring any at all, including the one pictured. Most could barely ride, if at all. But the producers said it didn’t really matter, and that the “Elvis” part was more important.

I wore an Elvis wig and sunglasses. I didn’t get the part haha, no surprise. Probably should’ve fattened up on peanut butter and fried egg sammiches! :stuck_out_tongue: Was a fun audition though, and all the actors I met there were really cool! :slight_smile:

Morgan motoring on Iron Mt.

Great pics everyone, Joe and vivalargo those trails look great. I wish I had a trail like that near me

Uni-Cable-cam frame cap from earlier today, 8/14/08. I love how it’s all rustic and woodsy on the right, and well manicured Golf course fairways on the left! Video’s up now on youtube. :slight_smile:

Here’re a few from Thursday’s evening ride around the Water Sports Centre. All photos show Gadge. The small dot in the background on one is Nov.

And here’s some from Friday’s ride around Sherwood Pines, the downhill course, The Cursed Earth, and near The Desert. The rider shown is Gadge.

Great fun ride today around the local lake with some of the up and coming MUni addicts :slight_smile:

That kid in the middle is gonna be a beast when he grows up!

I’m sure only his right arm is like that. Exactly like me, my right arm is Whoa! and my left are is just not cool at all.:stuck_out_tongue:

actually my arms are the same strength :smiley: