Slam Edit

Not the best editing I’ve done, but it has some better trials lines than the last one.


Youtube link will be up soon, but Vimeo has better quality anyway!

The music sounded good when i picked it but ended up not being my favorite at all…so sorry if the music is annoying.


srry…could you explain?

Put him on your ignore list so you don’t need to listen to that crap.

I liked the video a lot. I think I can say safely that your fast progression is due to BMX (pretty mad skillz). Nice 6ft gap, 7 stair tire grab, etc. One a less pleasant note, Some of the slowmo was tedious, but at other moments it was awesome (fit the music).

Excellent riding skills both uni & bmx! Enjoyed it.:smiley:

thanks Danni and Terry

i hate to knock myself here…but that was only a 6 set:o

there aren’t any 7,8, or 9 sets in that town:( and the only next step is a 10 set w/ no run up

and like i said…it wasn’t greatly edited…but thanks for the constructive criticism

I think it would be better if you only put the ‘jump-action’ in slowmo, not the whole clip.
But i enjoyed the riding and the bmx part

Awesome skills man. That side hop was pretty massive! Nice editing but I agree with a couple of the other guys; the slow-mo was a bit over the top. It’s nicer to watch if you only slow-mo the trick/jump and the rest is at normal speed.

Wicked stuff though. Keep it up

whats really funny is when people try to make fun of your video, but they’re acutally worse…

i liked the vid a lot, you’re deffinately on your way. Good Stuff man


I liked it :smiley:

And i really liked the song too :smiley:

i dont think he was making fun of the video in my opinion. I’m sure he was just laughing at the fact of your choice of music, then you ending up not liking the song.

also note: Dont listen to Danni too much unless he’s offering help, and not ragging on people. He can tend to do that to a few members of this fora, and its very unappreciated by others, him, and very much so myself.

Great vid, Good stuff man. The bmx part was cool to see. Pretty good trialsy stuff/lines imo, looked good.

I don’t understand, if you don’t like the editing, then why don’t you fix it and then put it up later. The riding was good, but maybe a different song choice next time.

If your going to make a video with both bmx and uni in it I would recommend using two different songs. I make videos with my friend who rides bmx and I think thats what we’re going to do for our next video, just because I prefer slow songs with my videos, cause I’m a slow trials rider, while that doesn’t really work with bmx.

Also I think you used slow-mo for the wrong tricks. Like you put slow-mo on when you jumped up the stairs 2 by 2 but then later on in then video you jumped up the stairs 3 by 3 at regular speed. You should put slow motion on the harder tricks.

Your good though at both street and trials, which is pretty cool. Keep up the good work.

well all he did is laugh, so im surprised that you got all of that information from a simple , “ha ha”.

i thought the music went well with the editing, it’s a lot better then some of the stuff i’ve seen on here in awhile…

Well, i talk to him every now and then on aim, so i had a slight guess of his humor.

Some people get things wrong about certain people. Like, he only gets ‘slightly’ offensive when someone starts attacking him verbally. Danni just cant stand some people, and decides to be a jerk about it. Trying to prove a point to the extreme, and ending up ‘seeming’ like an arrogant person. Thats just my opinion, which i’m entitled to. I dont mean to change anyones beliefs about certain people. I’m sure danni, like Pat, is nicer when you get to know them. It happened with Pat, hes not a bad guy when you hold a conversation with him.

Chill with the slo-mo

Other than that pretty good. Liked the rolling hop up the table. 6 set tire grab had a little bit of steez on it.

Oh yeah, cool whips

thanks guys! :slight_smile: i will def use less slowmo in my next vids. my friends always tell me the same thing! i dont know why but i just like a lot of slowmo, but ill try to be a bit more careful next time.

as for unibikeling about Danni, i think Dannu has very good judgement about annoying people in general on the forums, like people that post non-stop, give false advice and info, and just run on pointlessly.

thank you.

Sorry it took so long, but here is the YOUTUBE link