Slackline Unicycle

I searched for the ultimate skinny and found it:

Tell me what you think.

Also on Youtube and Vimeo:

sick :roll_eyes:

yeah geil. gfällt ma:)

Terrific stuff!

From far enough away and at the right angle it looks like you’re just kinda floating hahahaha

i wanna see more failed attempts. i hear unis go flying

In the beginning it was realy dangerous because the uni went everywhere when I lost balance (my slackline friends usualy go 3-5m away when I practice and the camera man was realy scared to film the close angles :)).
But I practiced it realy realy often and now I catch the uni most of the time. Hurts my arm a lot because there is a lot of pressure on the uni when “launched” from a slackline :).

I can post some pictures of a flying uni later.

Anybody else tried to unicycle on long slacklines?

Absolutely fabulous Lutz

I’ve done quite a bit of slacklining and I’ve tried to ride it once but it’s completely different to riding skinnys because of the way that it moves under you.
I liked the video a lot.

Very impressive! I can’t even walk on one :o


Maybe I will make a bail video later. So far only some pictures. It took me 3 days to finish they line and I have tons of bails. In the right picture you have search to find my uni ;).

Really cool video!
I love the photos :stuck_out_tongue:

this was sweet :wink:
you use the 7D ?


An English guy (I can’t remember his name, he rode for Qu-Ax) juggled 3 clubs on a short slackline and posted the vid here w/ the other videos a year or two ago.

Lucas Wintercrane. Wasn’t it more than three clubs as well? For some reason I’ve got five in my head…


No, just 3. Still amazing though, juggling 3 clubs, on a unicycle, and in a still stand :astonished: never mind he’s also on a slackline.

Only three successfully anyway. He was trying five at the end of the film, but dropped them - that must have been where I got the five from. Useless Lucas! (although that was some time ago and I haven’t seen him for ages, so it’s quite possible he’ll be doing five or more by now…)


I cant see the video (stupid copyright claims in germany) but I think I have seen it before. Lucas juggling is realy awsome but I think it is something completly different to unicycling a real long slackline or a rail.
I just watched a video of mike padial where he tries a slackline but thats the only video in this direction I have seen so far.
(at 63 secs).

I am realy interested how long it will take others to learn to ride a slackline because it took me two summers to be safe in it (and I could ride every not moving skinny I ever tried before).

Max did one in this video at :40, it was at the NAUCC trials comp. I don’t know if he ever tried riding one before though.