Hey everyone!

Just wanted to put a plug in for an, an app I’ve been building the last year and a half! We’ve got a great community of riders, and it’s a great way to look up other riders and learn more about the community. We also have weekly games that are super fun to participate in / watch. The idea behind skrrrt isn’t to try to replace the forums, more just serve as a fun app to chat with other riders in real time, learn more about each other, and play games. It’s completely free and runs only off donations, so we’d love to have you!


-Colby Thomas (hungry4uni :wink: )


I’m not really in the skrrrt demographic - 60 years old, and mostly a muni rider - so I never joined, but it’s a great site.

It doesn’t work for me with Firefox, though. I end up having to start Microsoft Edge…

PS I’m so much not in the demographic that I didn’t even know what skrrt meant, but now that I recognize it, I hear it everywhere. I heard someone say “skrrt skrrt!” on a podcast in Norwegian today.

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That’s awesome! You’re more than welcome on the app - we’d love to have you.

If you haven’t tried recently, I’d suggest giving Firefox another try - I’ve push out a lot of updates recently that may have fixed whatever issue you were facing. If that doesn’t work you could always try clearing your cache: How to clear the Firefox cache | Firefox Help

I appreciate the kind words though! It’s been a really rewarding experience building the app :slight_smile:

This made me laugh, at least you knew it was a ‘word’, I am now wiser and have expanded my onomatopoeic lexicon with a brand new word :wink: (albeit one I used to use long long ago when skidding and drifting about on my bike wearing out the tyres…)

Like you I didn’t think I was in the right demographic, normally my level of trick is just not falling off, but I’ll go and check it out again.

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That actually worked!


Awesome!! So glad to hear

On the cache, is there any way you can tell a browser to not use a cache after a certain period of time?

I tend to pop over to skrrrt to see what’s going on every few weeks and seem to have to refresh clearing the cache almost every time I visit to actually get the site to load properly. should fix this on their end using the cache control header and cache validation.

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Let me know if this is still an error! I’ve since made some updates to the caching logic so this may not be an issue anymore.

I’m still getting some super weird stuff going on.

It doesn’t work at all on the old (non Chromium Edge).

It seems to load old stuff on both Vivaldi and Firefox and I have to clear the cache entirely and refresh the page for it to work.
I’ve tried running through a VPN connecting via the US and it’s still being weird, so it’s not something like a UK caching issue.

I’ve tried running it on my phone (Firefox mobile) and it’s doing a very similar thing to Vivaldi, seemingly loading in old content rather than the latest version of the site.

Edge (non-chromium):

Vivaldi (before refreshing clearing cache):

Firefox (before I click on a link on the top bar):

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Well it makes me happy that you have it installed!

Firefox has always been my browser of choice, but I use Vivaldi for testing and as a secondary.
It’s nice, but I’m too used to Firefox now to bother seriously considering anything else.

Not sure if it’s just me but no posts are showing on my phone. Is it an android bug or am I doing something wrong?

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I think based on my experiences above, it’s a site bug rather than user specific.