Skins - clothing for muscle recovery

Does anyone have any experience with these?

Summary: Tight pants make your muscles work better. Highly doubtful that there’s a noticeable effect there.

By the way, lactic acid is a fuel, not a waste product.

Yeah, I’m skeptical about the extent of their claims too, but I’d be interested in experiences of anyone that has tried them.

For more rapid return to normal levels after exhausting exercise have a glass of chocolate milk right after the exercise.

while I love chocolate milk, the thought of drinking it after exhausting exercise kinda makes me want to hurl.

I’ve found that adding a significant amount of walking after a hard ride helps a lot in avoiding muscle fatigue. There’s nothing worse than hauling your unicycle up 3 flights of stairs when your legs can barely keep you upright. If I walk for a bit after a ride, my legs feel great.

One of my Mountain Biking friends uses Chocolate milk after cycling a lot. He can’t take normal milk, but can take chocolate milk, (could be because it is heat treated?) and he says he feels better with the chocolate milk than any scientific sports recovery drinks he has tried.

I will need to try it myself. I’m not keen, as I don’t really get on well with milk either, but it could be worth trying.


Milk is grody.

Milk owns.

Ill try the chocolate milk after a ride. That sounds awesome.

This is not a either/or, it’s a both/and.

And if you build it up faster than you can use it and shuttle it around, it’s still more waste than fuel. Like drowning in chocolate milk.

They’d make a difference, but probably not a big one.

A few years ago I read about similarly disigned shorts. Pro basketball players could jump on average about 2 inches higher.

  • I’ve read this about another brand. Part of the argument is that you use your muscles more efficiently and therefore are stronger and can last longer.

The Virtues of Beer!

Beer has more vitamins and minerals than Gatorade! It is just the best puting down a cold one after a hard riding session. By the way Ivan, I stopped with the chocalate milk when I was in first grade when I discovered Bourbon which seemed to be the drink of our FLUCK room!


agreed: I keep cans of Guinness specially for after-Muni… But I never drink it cold (just the temperature of the basement where I store them).
this said: a “lumumba” (hot milk + chocolate + brandy) is good for “mountain sickness”. (I am not prone to mountain sickness but once the lift to the summit in the Canary Island was a bit too fast: that’s where I learnt the trick).

More Chocolate Milk Info

An excerpt from a document that I have. (I am not the author of this information) Also sorry to Phlem for adding more info that may not be related to his initial question.

Chocolate milk.
Now, when you finish a hard workout, your muscles are most likely depleted of glycogen which is the carbohydrates stored in the muscles. Without this glycogen, your muscles wouldn’t be able to move. Haven’t you felt sometimes after judo or a hard workout that you can hardly move? That’s because the glycogen in your muscles is depleted. Now, what happens if you don’t immediately replenish these carbohydrates? Your body starts breaking down (cannibalizing) muscle protein to convert it into carbs, and then glycogen for the muscles. I don’t want to go into longer explanations, but believe me, this is very bad. Enter chocolate milk. Remember at Summer and Winter camps? As per my request, Dan and all the great cooking volunteers had chocolate milk for us after practice: You need sugar immediately after a hard workout. I keep repeating this to my athletes, and I often hear, “oh yeah, I’m going home right away, and have something to eat”. TOO LATE! You need the sugar (by the way, this is the only time when having sugar is good) immediately, not after going home, not after the shower, not even after cool-downs and stretchings (like at Summer Camp we had the chocolate milk before cool-downs). Now, why chocolate milk? Protein is important after workout, but what is crucial is the sugar. They found out, however, that having protein at the time of ingesting the sugar, makes the absorption much efficient and faster. Sport scientists and sport nutritionist had been experimenting with complex drink combinations (a lot of those very expensive sports drinks came from that kind of research). But in the last few years they found that 1% chocolate milk delivers all the nutrients in an almost perfect combination, not because of the chocolate, but because of the protein and sugar, plus the complex carbs, and multiple other nutrients (when you deplete your system of nutrients like after a hard workout, your body is primed to absorve all sorts of nutrients in a much efficient way, so if most of the time your body absorves a fraction of what you eat, most likely, right after workout the absortion is 100% or near 100%).

I thought beer was the drink of our Fluck room. You and I were the only ones drinking that bourbon, pretty much, except for the occasional help. And if I drunk after every ride I’d become an alcoholic much sooner than I would want to.

When are you coming to Cyprus?

I have recently been having a nice big glass (or 2 or 3) of milk and blackcurrant juice!
Its thesort of thing not many people like, but i LOVE it:D