Skills Testing at BUC


I have previously asked the organiser, via email, whether there will be any skills level testing going on at BUC.

He wasn’t sure and didn’t seem to know who the skills testers are.

So with all the “** at BUC” threads, I thought I’d ask the forum rather than just one person.

Any UK skills testers going?

Nice one.


I certainly am and I’d expect some of the others to go too.
Can’t guarantee many testing sessions (I’ll probably be
involved with freestyle and hockey if nothing else) but
I’ll try to get at least 1 in.


I’ll be there with certificates and records to suport other testers, but oweing to baby commitments prob won’t be able to do any testing myself ( may be some L1s as thay are pretty easy to do without moving from one spot!)

Cool. I’ll maybe get myself tested then.

Ages ago, I enquired about becoming a skills tester to Roger, and I spoke to you (Sarah) at last years BUC, but I had been in the van dead all weekend with a tooth abscess so did nowt about it.

Maybe this year. Don’t wanna tempt fate too much tho!