Skill: Standstill

The last time this topic was touched was in 2012, so why not create a new thread. This month I won’t be going any trips coz we expect a baby this month. As I am addicted to unicycling, I decided to try something in my tiny backyard. I wanted to give stand still a go. I thought like, “how hard can it be” They do with with uni-basketball / uni-hocky and balancing on fences and what not. Also I reckoned stand still might be easier than idling.
Well I was wrong at how easy it was. I can like start hopping, then stand still a few moments while holding the seat, but as soon as I try to get both hands in the air, I lose balance. Also tried mounting while both of my hands are in the air already, but then I would not balance in the middle,but get over the uni forwards.

Any tips how I can achieve this? Also I’ve been trying on grass, but is a paved floor better?
Is it easier to stand still, while standing or sitting? I reckon while balancing on a fence, you want to ride forwards, so there it would be better to balance while sitting.

Practice, mostly. Look at a fixed point, keep your upper body upright. Mount with an assist (wall, fencepost etc.), get yourself comfortable and then let go of the assist and try to stand still.

Doesn’t really matter.

For me, it’s roughly the same, sitting down is easier for longer durations (because it isn’t tiring for your legs.) It’s good to be able to do both a bit, but I would focus on sitting down. I also think that if you practice one, you will also become better at the other.

Try riding into a seated stillstand, hold, and then when you lose balance jump into another stillstand. (sit back down if you can)
Switch up using both hands and with either foot forward.
Hell, while you’re at it, throw holding on with both hands into the rotation.
Save the “no hands” stillstand for when you want to attract attention. (it just seems so sloppy and the skill is called a “stillstand”)

Instead of hopping like a pogo stick, try single hops with intent to stick the landing right into a stillstand.
You’ll get practice balancing and precise hopping.

Finally, once you do fail at the stillstand, try riding out of it or even turn it into an idle practice if the wheel position permits.
Now you can practice 3 or 4 skills at the same time.


Efficiency at its finest. I do the same thing with balancing on the side of bridges - if it goes wrong, I just move onto diving practice.


Have a look at this Still Stand Challenge :grinning::