Skill Levels

I tried searching the forums but I couldn’t find anything - so I’m sorry if this has been covered before.

But I keep seeing people say that they are at level 1, 2 etc.

But what do these levels actualy mean?

should tell u what u need to know:)
should show u stuff what u should be able to do:)

Sadly, most people here will tell you those are a waste of time. I know they did for me when I asked about 'em. Now I just ride and try to figure things out on my own, like hopping up and down stairs, and stuff like that.

Yes; handle with care.
Set yourself goals(!), but do not blindly stare to goals on a list that others assembled.
And never use them to classify riders, that’s not what they were made for.

I’m still rather new, roughly 9 months of riding, and am still apprehensive about hopping up stairs. I can go down fine, can’t ride backwards, idle, flip, twist, or any other stuff like that. But now that the weather is getting nicer, I may have to go practice on those skills. Of course, doing all that on a 29er is a challenge in itself. I’d much rather have a 24 to practice, but I gave one to a friend i no longer talk to, and sold the other one. Lucky me! :roll_eyes:

chipmboyJay- I see you are in Cornwall. you therefore live in a levels hotspot. more peoplein Devon and Cornwall take levels tests than in teh rest of teh UK. Come along to a South West Uni Meet ( advertised on these fora every now and then) to get tested…
info can be found on, look for levels in the menu bar.

Which bit of Cornwall? its quite a long county.

that they are stupid and base how good they think they are off a set of skills that is truly stupid.

thats what i think of the rules at least

Trials class system

Street skills (some form other styles as well).

They are best used as a general guide what to try next.

For example, if you were level 3, it probably not be a good idea to set your heart on learning to coast yet (first wheel walk, one foot ww, glide, then coast).

Or if you can say, ride backwards for 10 m, it’d be a good idea to learn a lot of other level 4 and maybee try some level 5 skills.

Separating the skills into official levels can provide an insentive to learn things you may have not learned.

A lot of the skills through L-6 are very usefull for just about any unicyclist.

Man, i haven’t seen that list in a long time. Doesn’t matter though cause i have my own unicycling list to follow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks very much for the response.

And for the record I live in Helston.

Sorry another quick question do these skills tests cost money (like music grades), it didn’t say?

If i remember correctly, the first three lvls, you can video tape yourself and mail it in. Just set a tripod up with the camera on it, start it and do the skills. For lvls 4 and higher, you have to do it in front of a USA-certified person. You have so many tries on a skill before it can’t be counted. And as far as I know, you don’t have to pay for the tests. Just have to find someone to give it to ya.

Cool! … Well, try to get a 24" or 20". And learn to idle and riding backward; you certainly will be satisfied (after spending hours on it).

No, that’s what you think about the usage of levels.
But I kind of agree on what you say.
But now question 2: if you ignore ANY 3th party, what do you think about the levels for YOU?

arh helston. bit of a way west then. still you are welcome to come along to any SWUM events you can get to. They tend to be in Devon as ist a bit more central to the region so more people can justify teh travel time.

UUU levels- no charge for taking the test,proper card certifcates are avalible to members of UUU - including members of some affliated clubs that pay your membership for you. Levels testing tends to happen at regional or national events which have an entery fee, but also at some club meets.

sorry for teh delay- real life got a bit busy.