skill level

i was just wondering what skill level everyone is on. I am only on skill level two because i just started but im working really hard to get to the top of the skill levels.

I am very proud to say that i am a lvl 11:D

actually i think i am around 4 or 5ish, i need to look at the skills again lol

well not alot of people use the levels cuz it is mainly for freestyle. but i am about a level 7… cant really jude me by my level cuz i try to ride street.

I’m not really going by levels, I’m most of level 2 and 3 and I think 2 or 3 from level 4…mostly just cause of mounting, I’ve never practiced anything other than my good ol’ static and rollback mounts, if I did I’d probably be just about level 3 officially.

thats pretty sweet…I want to get level 11 sometime.

anyway, I am unofficially level 4 or 5 ish. officially I’m level 0.

level three(2completed)

i think im about the same lol but i need to work on mounts too i almost got the kick-up mount down

i completed level 3 in a month and a half or so

im somewhere between level 6 and 7, but im more of street and trials, i dont practice freestyle much

I’m officially level seven. I can do all the stuff on level eight except the backward spin and pirouette, and everything on level nine except the backward pirouette. In theory, I can do everything on level ten, but not very consistently.

I think most people who work on the skill levels get bogged down with a couple of the skills on levels eight and nine, especially hand wheel walk and the backward pirouette.

Im Level 7 working on level 8 but its a whole lot harder

Im a very proud level 2 worknig on backwards coasting :smiley:

I’m not on the level at all, I’m on a steep learning curve.

I structure what I learn around what I think looks the most fun and least dangerous. I learnt to idle and ride backwards (nearly) so that I could join in to ‘dance’ in the Irish dancing thingy in BUC this year. I also enjoy distance riding on my 29er and want to continue with that and to take it into cross country. So I structure my learning around that. I also enjoy unihockey so I learn stuff that could help that.

I absolutely feel that life is stressful enough without being ‘tested’ on the levels.


i agree with what cathy said, when im learning stuff its not to get to that next lvl, its just for the fun of it, before i even knew what the levels were i had 4 mounts down just cause i liked to impress ppl by just getting on the uni, then the expression from riding it was even better :smiley:

Im level 7, I cant pirroutte or hand wheel walk, but the backward spin is easy…