Ski Mountain MUni

Here’s a link to my latest MUni adventure: click on heading for: Spiked Snow/Ice MUni

At Copper Ski Resort, all the big offices with all the big important people are at the base
of the American Flyer and American Eagle lifts. I got on the Super-
Bee lift, away from all these people and I went on when there was
next to no line, so the young kids running the lift were too suprised
to know if they should let me on. I aslo engaged them in
conversatin, told them that I had already been up before (last year),
and didn’t give them a chance to make a decision not to let me up. I
rode down to the Amercian Flyer lift and was stopped because someone
higher up the employee chain saw me, and there was a long line that
gave them time to wonder if they should let me on, so I was only able
to ride up once that day. They told me no, and I asked who I could
talk to. The mountain manager wasn’t in this week, and the guy
convering for him was off as well. I found the management offices,
spoke with a guy who made a phone call to the guy covering for the
guy who makes the big desisions, who as it turns out was not around
either but at least was cell-phoneable.

In the end he said he would be talking to the legal department and
get back with me. That was yesterday and I already know what the
answer will be. They have an issue to anyone walking on and off the
lift. They like to say it’s not possible because you can slip and
fall. Funny, when at the bottom of the American Eagle lift, there
are foot prints painted on the ground to show people who walk off the
lift where to go. Another thing. They had paragliders flouting off
the top of the mountain. These guys got up there without skis, but
they may have snowmobiled up, who knows. They were trying to say
that liability was an issue. They were saying that the stuff on the
back of the ticket that basically says you can’t sue them for getting
hurt doesn’t cover unicycles, just skiing and boarding. Well, what
about paragliding. A uni on the ground can’t be as dangerous as a
paraglider hundreds of feet in the sky.

So few forward thinking people to deal with. But someone had to be
the first snowboarder to get permission, so some of us need to be the
first MUniers to pave the way, for both winter and summer access.

that’s awesome. a ski place near here(i know a ski place in iowa, its all of about 300 vertical feet and has 4 really short runs), wouldn’t let us on either for the same reasons. they tried to work a deal where we could ride before the technically opened for the seaon but i think that fell through. freakin’ great ride for you though.

It could also be that paragliders are not on the mountain, unicycles are slower than skiers and someone might hit you I guess. I really want to ride down a ski run, that’s why I plan on entering this event: There are probably lots of bikers who would love to take the lift up and ride down also but they aren’t going to let that. My parents paraglide and none of the ski mountains out here let them use their mountains even after tiring to negotiate all the problems. I don’t think any amount of talking will get you access to lifts during the winter.