Skater style helmet vs. Bike style helmet

I’m relatively new to unicycling. I’m learning freestyle and street right now. I’m going to start trying unispins next thursday. That’s when I’ll probably start wearing my helmet. Now, which type of helmet is more suitable freestyle? I would think skater style helmet. I have a bike helmet right now, but I’m thinking of getting a new one, as the bike helmet has been hit and I don’t really like it that much.

Anyway, what are the pros and cons of both types of helmets?
I understand that the skater helmet is hard-shell and so can take repetitive abuse, but it’s more hot. Does headband help? How much would I expect to pay for a good helmet?

I’d get a pro-tec skate style helmet. theyre really nice. if you end up sweating a lot, get a buff. they make the best helmet liner ever.

Bike style helmets are probably better for muni though.

skater style helmets also offer protection for the back of your head. and though they are tougher, if you have a bad fall and that helmet saved your head, you shouldn’t keep using it, because you may not see the damage it took for you. so just get a new one. its basically comfort vs. protection.

i do trials and freestyle and i used a biking helmet for a bit but then i hit the back of my head and the helmet didnt offer a lot of protection so i just got a new helmet yesterday. It’s a protec helmet and it offers a lot of protection in the back and i find it lightweight. I paid $59.99(CAD before tax). I’d say get it cause its comfortable, lightweight, offers a lot of protection and looks really good.

bike helmet = ugly
skater helmet = look cool

Do I have to say something more?

I use my snowboard helmet*


skate helmets are desighned for multiple very heavy accidents but when

What’s that word…oh yeah, SAFETY!!!

Conciousness > coma

That said, I wear a skate helmet, and I feel naked when wearing a bike helmet, because it doesn’t seem to cover as much of my head. It seems like skate helmets would do a better job of protecting me if I fell on the front or back of my head.

i use a giro xen bicycle helmet when it’s hot outside. it covers the back of my head and has good ventilation. it was expensive though. i use my protec skate helmet when heat is not as much of an issue (at night, for example) because it’s a little more comfortable, and it is designed to take multiple impacts.