skate park

has anybody taken there unicycle to a skate park and dropped in or anything, please post pics and any advice you have for skate park uni riding

Here’s my little skatepark vid. It’s the one titled “Skatepark Frank”. I use a 24" muni setup, but with a fireball tire pumped up sorta high and 145 cranks. There are much better examples out there though. Search the forums for “rolling trials” and “HCR” (Hardcore Coker Rider). Other people drop into pretty big ramps on 20" trials setups.

i ride trials at my local skatepark all the time, i cant drop in yet but i can do dropsof the sides of the 4 ft quater pipe. i can also clear the fun box and do a lil grind.

unicycling on skatepark ramps takes a lil getting used to but once you get the hang of it thers loadsa stuff you can actually do on them.

hope this helps


I’ve ridden at tons of skateparks, mostly just the little ones…

Yeah I can drop in, In fact I broke two spokes trying to jump to flat in the droping in place.

I just made a video of my mate pebbles riding at our local skate park.

It’s at:

And it’s called “Pebbles Skate Park”.

Skate parks are good.


There’s some here

ive seen tons of guys drop in on unis but i dont hav any vids and ive never tried altho i dont think it could be too hard

Roll ins

I managed a 9 foot roll inn just last week at my skatepark ill get pics of it next time im downtown there but its easy u jump most of the vertical part and land on the hillish part and ride away it puts all the bikers in awww haha.

I frequently go to my local skatepark, it’s perfect for rolling trials. I’ve dropped into the 6’ bowl and down the 8’ wall. But the snake is very vun. I hope to ride a BC wheel through the park soon.

I drop em and there easy as long as you have good grip on the pedals, as for te rest its just finding what lines you can and ridem em…I just freeride it, I feel free to ride whatever the hell i want.
Thats my definition of freeriding

Freerideing= I feel free to ride whatever the hell I want!