Skate park riding

Hmm well the big spine isnt actually possible for me to hop up. The A shaped ramp ive done before and is easy enough, gave it 2 goes and couldnt be bothered lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t realize i put spin lol, i meant spine =p

Kinda looks like this _/_ but much more curved lol. but you came up onto it, then hopped up onto the top, then the video went to another shot. When I saw it, I thought you were gonna go and jump over the other side =p

In your video, its at 42seconds, so if you don’t know what im talking about, just go 42 seconds into your video and watch =p

Yeh ill do it next time clean, i did do the jump just upd lol

thats all! and amazing freestyle skills

heres link to that jump, was close to getting up damn it

What setup is the uni with the blue tyre, is it a freestyle or trials? Seems to take the punishment pretty well.

It might be a nimbus x 48 spoke wheel. Not sure though, have had the wheel for a while and I just asked Roger to give me a strong wheel :P. Yes its deffinatly a freestyle

What’s the tyre?

Primo Wall

at the end of the jump video, was that a girl about to say "Oh my god?’

Kinda funny…

Oh, right, the video. Your rolling hops are really amazing, (that’s what I see first, being a trials/street guy) but your freestyle was probably harder and more crazy. I especially liked the series of wheelwalks forwards and backwards, it was really clean and cool looking until you bailed :).

Good riding man!