Skate park riding

Well i went to a skate park earlyier and did some riding. made a little video, sorry about the language of the children that were there. oh and the music stops with video still playing and cant be bothered to re edit it because im lazy :stuck_out_tongue:


Edit: oh and watch out for the “other rider” haha

You know theres such a thing as too good lol

great vid loved the music too and nice daiki walk, i just got like 8 metres daiki walk but need to learn how to recover

Awesome! I love the mounting straight into stand-up.

hehe thanks dudes, how high do you think this is? i never have a tape measure on me!

MOV06416 001 _2__0001.jpg


Lol, I really liked that, and the chavvy responses you got as well. There’s something very compelling about freestyle in a urban environment, I love watching it anyway, but freestyle in a skatepark just seems to work, esp with your hops mixed into it, and the unispin stuff which you really have down nice now.

EDIT: Looks to be about 4 feet to me, maybe slightly less, 3’ 6"-10" possibly.


3 or 3.5 foot

so 3.5 foot is 106.68cm lol, hmm i dont think its that high but might be wrong

I have to say, I trust Rich. He is an estimating king!


it’s like 97 cm if you’re using a 19" rim :slight_smile:

… nice vid by the way

That was some really smooth freestyle moves, I agree with Loose about the urban freestyle thing, it looks good. Espically when you mix it up with ledges and such, and throw in some huge hopes in between. :slight_smile:

I was trying to get some backwards coasting in but couldnt seem to do any today, some other time lol. Yeh i think ill film back there at some point for unirogue 3

Thanks for the comments

So for the main part, were you by yourself in the skatepark? I’ve always been weary of filming myself in skatepark type places, because I’m afraid someone might try to steal the camera or something stupid like that.

Yeh i was bymyself, if i think there are dodgy people around i keep close to the camera but them kids were harmless.


that’s really impressive, I like the the stand up moves

Sick riding! The jumps was amazing!

Sick riding! Your jumps was amazing!

Geeze! Your rolling hops amaze me every time, they are so high!

I really liked the part of you jumping on top of the spin, I was hopping you would of went from the top then cleared the other side of of the ramp, that would of been nice =p

jumping on top of the spin? confused well ill do it if you tell me :stuck_out_tongue:


he means spine i think, the two ramps back to back

I think he means the big rolling hop onto the top of the A shaped ramp. I was just going to mention that in fact…