Sixsixone vs KH Leg Armor

I am going to get my son-in-law some leg armor. I use the 661 4x4 and I like them fine. They do tend to rub sores in my legs, however, I corrected that problem with duct tape. I was wondering if getting him the KH type is worth the extra money? I have no experience with them and was thinking that he might like them better. Can anyone compare the two??

I used to ride 661s and now I use KH leg armor. I loved the 661’s except they took a while to strap everything up and the straps eventually ripped off. They also would occasionally give me rashes under my knees from rubbing. After sewing straps back on multiple times and starting to outgrow them, I got KH’s. I love them even more. I can put them on faster, no straps have ripped, and they don’t rub at all. They also aren’t as hot. The only problem with them is the straps start to stretch out after a while, and they feel loose, but I guess you could fix that with a bit of sewing too. I think the new ones might have fixed straps, but I’m not sure. I definitely think the Kh’s are worth the extra money.

Not to sure about the KH leg armor but the pictures show that the arm armor is open where there is no gaurd where 661 is a full coverage…
Sorry but I like that fact about the 661. I wear shorts and short sleeves and that “backing” which isn’t all that hot, protects from scratches, sun, ticks, and who knows what else besides mud…
Have only had mine for a few months but I cant see how you would need to pull hard enough on that stap to rip it off! :astonished: Purple appendages from lack of blood flow anyone? OMG
My only complaint is there seems to be no real good sizing charts for 661 that I can find, the KH’s seem to have something that I saw somewhere…
Only KH I swear by is the grey pulse glove/wrist protector! AWESOME

I used to wear the 661s a lot and I have KH percussion leg armor too. I must say that neither of them is very comfortable when worn directly on uncovered skin. Both models tend to rub and make sore spots. They also slide down which means that the knee protection is an illusion that ends once you actually fall on your knees. So I’m currently looking for a good combo of separate knee and shin protectors. I’ve been looking at 661 DJ and TSG or TryAll shin guards. Any other recommendations?

Thanks for the feedback

I can’t seem to find a sizing chart for the KH stuff. Would it be the same as 661? If he’s a large 661 would he be a large KH? Can you tell me if KH runs large/small compared to other products?

Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

Good idea for a thread. I have had the same pair of 661 4x4s for nearly 5 1/2 years now and have had a lot of really good use from them. In that time one of the plastic loops (for one of the crossover velcro straps) broke and there are some small rips in the back of the mesh and the front shin area is a bit tatty with small rips and freys- they are still completely usable and offer good protection.

When i started wearing them i used to get sweat rashes behind my knees from the rubbing and i still do when i wear them for 35km+ rides- but for shorter outings or DH runs (i do not wear them for most of my xc country riding these days) they are nice for piece of mind.

My 661s do tend to leave the knee area a little exposed (especially in high speed crashes) but i put that more down to the fact i am still using medium sized pads when i probably need a large.

One of the things i really like about the 661 4x4s is the back of the leg protection it provides. I think the pads have saved the back of my legs more than they have the front- really important when you are riding down super steep DH and often come off the back of the uni instead of the front.

I can highly recommend the 661s but having never used the KH pads i can’t do a comparison. I will probably buy some new pads in the next while so any input you can give me on the KH pads would be good.


Go with KH armor

I looked at the KH leg armor sizing chart, and according to my height, I should get the XL (I am 6’2’’). However, I have pretty thin legs and am wondering if the circumference of the pads goes up a lot with size, and if the XL would be too big around.

Maybe shoot Kris an email from his site, or a phone call to UDC, explaining your conumdrum… Possibly he/somebody can help you choose the right size.

I called UDC about 661’s because I am 5’10" with small hands and wrists, but long legs and thick (muscular) arms… Someone there actually measured a few sizes while we were on the phone together… Got the right fit the first time!

I used the 661s, and now I use the KH and they are awesome. My 661 got killed in one summer and I have my KH for about 2 years now.

I’m 6’3" and about 155-160lbs, so I’ve got pretty slim legs. I ordered the XLs and they fit me just fine. I’ve never tried 661’s, but I love the KH armor. :smiley:

wtf?! i never knew you were 6’3, dang.

Haha, I’ll take a picture of myself next to a tape measure if you don’t believe me;)

I remember someone once thought that I was riding a 16 because I make 20’s look sort of small.

I ride street,flat and some trials… Before I used 661 4x4 lite but I hated knee protection and it was useless for me…
Then I tried KH shin guards and they also were uncomfortable and way too big.

Now I use KRK Asflats ( and they are perfect ;]!
KrkProtecion is a polish company, not well known in Europe but I strongly recommend them (not only because I’m pole)…
They cost something like 25Euro (if You want to buy them- let me know, I’ll send You link).

For flat and street they are comfortable, strong and they protect well (not knee area). To muni You can upgrade them by using KRK Skull Knee Protection.


Hi folks I’m after some advice. I’ve been looking for some leg protection as I’m just starting out and getting a few minor knocks and bumps. I’m mainly messing around on flat tarmac, learning sif and sif hopping at the moment and my knees are complaining slightly. I intend moving onto muni once I’m more adept (and if my knees don’t complain!). I’ve looked at the KH leg armour and also the 661 Pro Knee/Shin Guards, the 661 Race Knee/Shin Guards and the 661 Comp Knee/Shin Guards. The 661 stuff is all on sale and is significantly cheaper than the KH leg armour. My question is, is the 661 stuff fine for what I’m doing at the moment or would I be better getting the KH? Or are there other alternatives that I’ve missed? On a vaguely related point can anyone suggest a good (and cheap) knee support that I could wear alongside the leg armour? Thanks.


hi guys i got some fusion shin guards they fit spot on lots of protection not too hot i think separate knee pads will be better for comfort i could be wrong not tried anything else

The KH leg armour is for trunk sized legs. I had to sew on hook bands onto the elastic bands. Here is my first prototype. This is [post=1461829]the final product[/post] of my modifications.

I have both the 661 and KH. They are both good. The KH are easier to take off and put on. For the money, I would go with 661. For the convenience I would go with KH. They both fit me okay.