sixsixone race knee/shin guards?

i’ve been thinkin about getting these because my current 661 4x4s aren’t doing their job. i keep getting bashed in the shin in the same exact spot, and yesterday it really had me messed up for a few mins after i bashed the same spot pretty hard…again.

Does anyone have these, and do they wrap all the way around your leg?


also, if you do have them…can you give me an all around review?

i don’t know too much about the race knee/shin guards. they do not cover the back of your legs, but as long as you’re riding with long pants it’s IMO no less protection than the 4x4s

for the last 4 months or so i’ve been using a pair of THE Storm knee/shin guards and let me just say…WOW!!!

these are definitely the only shin guards i will ever buy again. they offer a great amount of protection and stay in place very well even after multiple pedal bits. the also keep your legs extremely cool and wick away moisture very very well. they’re easy to forget you’re wearing them as they are just extremely comfortable. a few tips on them if you do decide to buy. you don’t need to buckle them up very tight at all. a loose velcro on both the buckle around the ankle and above the knee is more than enough to keep them in place and comfortable. they are very nicely shaped to fit your legs perfectly.

just my two cents, hope you find something that offers the right amount of protection for you