SixSixOne MTB Knee/Shin armor

I ordered the above armor as a potential replacement for my 661 4x4 armor, since the straps were coming off from it, and I was looking for better protection and more comfort. The straps on 4x4 armor sometimes rub against my upper legs/knees and the armor is kinda hot.

The picture on the website looks different than the armor that I received. The hard plastic on the front is white on mine, not black, and the strapping arrangement looks different. On mine, there are 2 straps across the back like the 661 4x4 and Roach armor. Then there’s one small velco strap to secure the top part. Also, there’s no protection on the back of the calf, unlike the 661 4x4 and Roach armor which have some fabric (but not much).

The single small velcro strap on top does not hold the knee cup in place very well. There’s not enough velcro to tighten it further – I think the armor is too large for me. Unfortunately there’s only one size listed on (For comparison, I wear a large 661, which most people know is not that ‘large’).

There is an elastic band across the top which looks like it’s supposed to hold the knee cup in place and it doesn’t work well at all. The band slips down while riding and causes the cup to sag down or to the side and leaves the knee unprotected. You have to remove your shoes to slip your foot through the elastic band.

The hard plastic bits protect the knee and shin very well. I can take my fist and pound hard against my shin and I don’t feel much of the impact at all, whereas doing the same with the 661 4x4 I can feel the force come through easily.

The armor is very comfortable and I didn’t detect any rubbing, but that’s probably because it doesn’t fit well. It does feel somewhat cooler than the 661 4x4 since the back of the calf is exposed. I don’t really mind that since I’ve never whacked myself with a pedal there.

Overall I give this product a 5/10 because of the poor fit at the knee. Perhaps someone with massive thighs could use this product, but I can’t.