SixSixOne Helmets

I have a couple questions about SixSixOne helmets.

First, can they take repeated impacts? Or are they like regular helmets that have to be thrown away after they take a hit.

Do any of you use them, and how do you like them if you do.

Is there another brand that I should look at for a skate style helmet?

Doesn’t the CF look sexy?

note: the normal dirtlid is the helmet I would get.


Re: SixSixOne Helmets

tsg and bell got rahter clean and good helmets.


i love my helmet its flexible. so cool

its a pro-tech helmet

only 50 beans (CDN) but it contours to your head.

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You mean you’re planning on taking repeated blows to the head? :wink:


Who doesn’t?

Actually the 661 helmet seems to have that hard styrofoam padding on the inside…which mean you’ll have to throw it away after a crash.

I’ve found this helmet called an S-one helmet…comfortable as hell and trust you me…they can take a mutliple blows.

You mean: THESE

yup…in that style…with just a thick foam padding…they’re great…I’ve got an older model that dates from around 2001 so just comes to show you that theyl
ast long.

I cant see why that helmet wouldn’t hold up to your abuse. All the talk about getting one crash out of a helmet then replacing it usually refers to the two wheeled sports….you can take some pretty heavy impacts on a BMX, road bike goin 40mph or an XC/DH mtb (like drilling your head into the rocky ground or a tree). You can take some big impacts on a uni…but I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you can swing the cash for that helmet go for it…they are cool as hell. peace.

Sixsixone helmets meet all of the following certifications: ASTM F 1447, ANSI Z90-4, CPSC, CE bicycle helmet standards.

ASTM F 1447
This is the skating stardard that requires the helmet being able to withstand multiple impacts. The testing it not as rigorous as the bicycle standard where the drop test is 3 m as opposed to 1 m for the skating standard.

Never fear!

This is the bicycle standard. This is the one the requires the helmet passing tests at 3 m.

I’m not familiar with ANSI but the CE is a European standard.

You’re covered with the 661 helmets. :sunglasses:

Check out some reading on the helmets and their standards

I also have a 661 dirt lid I’ll be opening up tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Bob- Thanks, that’s just what I wanted to hear. I don’t expect to get into many accidents involving my head, but my helmet needs to be able to take abuse. Most of the abuse will come from me dropping it, or getting hit by things in the boot.

Both TSG and 661 lids will take a few impacts, trust me. . .I’ve tested them :stuck_out_tongue:
And at generally similar prices theres not much to pick and choose from them however TSG’s cool designs win them over for me.