sixsixone evo

Has anyone here used sixsixone evo gear?
It used d3o, an interesting material that is fully pliable but hardens instantly on impact, then softens back to it’s original state once the impact has subsided. It seems like an excellent concept, but i’d love to try it out. Apparently d3o is being used in all kinds of protective gear nowadays.

D30 sound like that stuff some bullet proof vest are using or a slightly more complex version of water and cornstarch but with rubber.

Yeah, i know riot police use it i their gear, and their working on some type of body armour that will use it. Spyder makes a some sweet body armour with it for extreme sports.

Yeah its pretty clever stuff, I’ve got a mate who has a ribcap, which basically builds this d30 into beanies, so you can use them as a helmet.
Here is a link if you wanna see what i mean:

He loves it and way prefers it to a big bulky helmet, not sure how well it would compare though.

i have the xc lights, i haven’t taken a direct hit… but that’s not what i planed on.
ive been riding bmx alot, and my 661 veggie wraps are rather bulky and held too much sweat. they were espically uncomfortable when you wanted to really bend your knees. it was just too much neopreane around the leg area where it wasn’t needed.

the xc lights however, i often forget they’re on. excellent water transfer, and they have certainly saved my legs from annoying road rash and minor abrasions.

if you don’t feel you require a hard plastic cap on your knee, i would just go with something lighter, since a little d30 is going to do alot more than what neopreane does.