SixSixOne 4x4s

I hit my knee quite hard on my uni crown today and I’m thinking I want to get some 4x4s. I’ve read the review threads about them but I don’t know wether or not they are eastic or something like that. My Veggie Wraps just bakely fit at the bottom and I don’t want to have to pay to send 4x4s back if I get them.

I really like 4x4s, I’ve been using them for over a year now.

They’re not elastic but there is some room for adjustment with the velcro and they have 4 different sizes from small to extra large and also a youth size.

I’m just under 6ft and have big calves and I wear the large ones.

A friend of mine is 6ft 4 and he wears extra large.

At the other end of the scale my GF is quite small and wears the extra small.

Check out

Hope this helps you choose the right size.

Ha! Like I’m gonna pay 20 bucks to ship it from the UK to the US. has them for $24

buy now

Whatever you do, don’t wait for an accident. 4x4s are cheaper than a busted knee.


Just so you know, KHU leg armor is coming soon, within the next month or so. I’ll post details soon.


LOL didn’t even think about your location when I posted the link.

How soon? If I remember correctly you said the beginning of January. I’m still holding my breath. Don’t let me suffocate!

The armor left China in mid-December and is still in transit (in a container ship). It was supposed to arrive beginning of January but shipping was slow over Christmas, apparently.


wow sweet… i look forward to seeing what it is like.

Btw 4x4 are very nice, i have a large pair and i’m 6’, and they are the right size. The velcro makes them very adjustable so dont worry about that, just make sure that they are the right length for you… i nearly bought the small because of the opening size (which is rubbish cause u can adjust so much) and then realised the knee would be half way down my leg…

SixSixOne does’t have the lengths posted on their website…
I think I will wait to see those KH pads though, any idea how much they’ll be?

I hope they have a hard shell protecting the knee cap. The biggest flaw with the old KH / roach / 661 leg armor was the lack thereof… it seemed the only knee protection provided was a few thin plastic strips, with a gap inbetween. One of my friends bruised up his knee pretty badly in his old KH armor due to that lack of protection. A bad landing could even result in a cracked knee cap.

Until I see another manufacturer including such a feature in their armor, I’ll only ride with Fox North Shore armor. The knee shell has saved me many, many times… it does such a good job of mitigating the forces to my knee that I barely even feel most impacts.

my 4x4s are wearing out a bit, i’m interesting in the KH now that i know it’s coming back

I think they are very worth the money. They aren’t really elastic…But they have elastic straps. They offer great protection from pedal bites as well as “accidents.” How you say? UPDs?

new armour intresting I noticed the armor you used at cmw had some kind off hard shell on the knee was that the new kh armour? also will the new armour have more knee protetion than the 661’s.iff so id buy them
Thanks Teddy

UDC UK gives the sizes

[B]Massive subject

[/B]Everyone seems to have 661s. They’re quite safe and really manouverable, no problems
They’re so Hot!!! It’s unreal!
Do some research. Get some other shinpads and tell us if they’re any better!

Wierd i’ve never had a problem with this in the last four years, despite the fact im usually so hot I wear a t-shirt in mid winter.

Yeah, me neither, but my friend just bought the latest model and they’re kind of honeycomb and more breathable than mine which are a couple of years old now so I think that should probably address the hot issue for those that notice it.

My legs are sweaty when i take them off, but it’s not HOT like uncomfortable. I hardly even notice really.

So i’ve been hearing that everyone who is 6 foot has the large size. I am 6’ 3" and I am NOT fat so will the large be too big for me? I’m not worried about length.