Singlespeed KH36 Review Please!

Is there anyone out there who used to ride either a Qu-ax, Nimbus, or Coker 36 that can comment on their new aluminum KH36 ungeared ride in comparison?

I know Chuck has had both but I am pretty sure he never had his KH36 ungeared.

I am mainly wondering about the frame rigidity and weight difference.

Thanks in advance.

I ordered one a couple days ago (the very last one:p) so it should be here within a week. I will comment on it when I try it out, but I haven’t owned another 36er to compare it to.

Still, looking forward to your reaction.

I get mine tomorrow Levi :wink:

Wohoo. Will you need to modify it, or are you tall enough?

I told Darren I can ride an N36 so he said I will fit this no problem. :slight_smile:

Totally wicked. You and your cuz should just ride home from my place. :roll_eyes:

I think as a first ride on cokers, we might just go in the car :wink:

Hah, good call.

OK… anyone else out there that can review this beaut’.

Hey, come up to Tottenham on a weekend in the next two weeks, both you and Levi, and we can ride in more open roads. :smiley:

OK sounds good. We should try to muni at some point as well.

The price is good

Usually, 36 er’s cost a lot more then comparable 29 er’s. For the KH 36 to pull in at only 100 something $ over the 07 KH 29 is sweet indeed. :slight_smile:

Yeah, depends on how my ankle has healed, but otherwise I’m good for some Muni.

So true. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the price of the new KH36.

I also expected the rest of the line to be more expensive as I had heard rumors of higher stock prices, but it is only 15 bucks more!

Good going Kris.
i posted in the wrong forum.:o