Single wheeled motorcycle

It keeps popping up in the google ads, have you seen this?


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I saw an awesome one once that was a front motorcycle wheel with a go-kart engine inside the wheel. It had handlebars and a seat and counter weights near the bottom to keep you somewhat upright.

I’ll try to find a picture of it…

Here ya go, Spudman…

aptly named!!

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I actually think they’re pretty neat.

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I’ve got some monocycle links in my unicycle bookmarks. You might be able to find a picture of the monocycle in those links.

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To stay on topic, that riot thing is bitchin, but I don’t know if it’ll set the land speed record. Theres another guy out there that builds some pretty bitchi’n motorcycle / monocycle hybrids.

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None of those links has it. Weird.

I haven’t looked at motorized unis in a while, and it looks like there are now a zillion times as many pages as there were when I found the one I’m talking about. I’ll keep looking.

It’s strange how so many people are trying to design these wheels that encompass the rider. You can’t see that way! The one I saw before looked like an awesome design that had the exact same wheel as a motorcycle and used some chopper-mini-bike-kinda designed frame. dang, I gotta find it and build one to show all these pseudo-moto-unicycles how it’s done.

Found it!

that’s a very interesting blend of unicycle style seating and monocycle style propulsion

what would one call that?

oh, and by the way, can i call something ‘straight’?

and while we’re (not) on the subject…
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yeah, the point about riding inside the wheel (it’s called a monowheel ususally in this configuration) is that you don’t have to balance the saddle on top of the wheel. the R.I.O.T wheel is different in that it has computer controlled counter weights which adjust their position depending on the acceleration. On the whole ‘gay’ subject, i just see it as inaccurate, that’s not atall what you mean, you’re just too inarticulate to use a correct word to describe your dislike, get some eductation.

There’s a video on one of those …

T.V. amasing video shows…

That has the original designer crashing one while testing …

Wiping out in one of those looked to be a worse experience than on a motorcycle…


The braking mechanism threw the cycle off balance.

Great contraption. Looks British, doesn’t it? Like half a BSA Rocket or something. You should send the picture to Aardman Animation so they can include a motorised uni in the next Wallace & Gromit movie.

power uni Edition

more power

one more :slight_smile:

Hey Spudman - do you have any more info on that machine?