single or double bolt seat post clamp?

does it matter at all?

Go double. There better in the long run, as ive seen and had two many single bolt ones not hold the seat well enough for me.

im having the same problem…i currently have a single…ubt todayi went to my bike man and got a double…

Dunno what Jerrick’s problems have been but I’ve been using this Odyssey single-bolt clamp on both my trials and muni. It’s one big beefy bolt, and it’s never come loose on me before.

well im not sure if i should get an animal single bolt clamp or a koxx double bolt.

It’s easier to strip a double bolt if you’re not careful : /

I feel the opposite. And when you do strip a single bolt it is useless. A double bolt clamp, if you do happen to strip one set of threads, you still have another.

I’ve had my seat twist in the odyssey a few times. I’d recommend the primo double bolt over it.

And that is the exact reason why i use single, and its alot more convenient…

Do you think that would fit on a koxx-one frame?

These are awesome, strong and you don’t need to carry an allen wrench.



Where you get em?

Or a better deal:

kinda pricey for a clamp…But I just dont know what size a koxx frame is I remember they are a lil bigger than kh cause you have to shim them for the same size post…

But worth it! I had salsa but this one blows it away. You need to use a caliper and measure the O.D. of the seat tube. Then order accordingly. Me and lots of local Muni guys use this QR clamp. I’m always changing the seat height, depending on whether I’m climbing, bombing the DH or doing tech stuff, and it would be highly inconvenient and time consuming to have to use an allen wrench each time.

Prob is all k1 unis are shimed,

My Torker LX has two small allen-wrench bolts. We’ve twisted the seat on it a few times. I think it’s not a matter of two bolts versus one, it’s a matter of well-designed versus poorly designed. (I’d say the LX ranks so-so on that feature).

A pet peeve here: Why the heck do they make it where the seat can even rotate in the first place? Is there somebody somewhere that NEEDS the seat at a 45 degree angle and they felt the need to accommodate them?

I agree, a stripped double it more useful than a stripped single bolt.

BUT, my point was that double bolts strip EASIER than single bolts.

HAhahaha! how would you like them to fix that one. Use the old shwinn style posts