I have managed to get uni in Singapore. I got to know also…in japagnese shool in Singapore unicycling is part of obligatory curiculum for kids.:slight_smile:


I’m from Singapore too, and I’m an absolute beginner on unicycles. So, where did you buy your unicycle? I’m looking for shops in Singapore which sell them too.

Perhaps we could even meet up one day, and you could provide me with a few pointers on how to get things going! :slight_smile:



Dear Albe, I did not buy my bike personally. It was done for me. However I was told it was bought in Bike House International and the bos of the shop is Mr.Colin Tan. I am almost sure you find it in the local telephone book.
All the best still from England ,but in few days I will, hopefully uniing in Tai Ping Malaysia.( I have not seen my new uni as yet, it is 24"):wink: